10 Smart phone apps every man should have


The mobile phone has become our second shadow; it is the first thing you check when you wake up and the last thing you check before you go to bed.With over 3 billion mobile subscribers today the mobile phones have become smarter than Graham Bell thought it would ever be; you can now run a number of applications on your smart phone to help with the various challenges of the day. Here are ten of those apps you should by all means have on your phone:


10.Uber Social An intuitive and  reliable Twitter client designed with a beautiful timeline display, image/video upload, multiple accounts ,uber channels , an inner circle just to mention a few.


9.Whats App Is  SMS not enough for you anymore, Whats App is here to the rescue; Available on all smart phones, Whats App is an instant text messaging system that also allows you send Pictures, Audio and vidoe and best off all it is free…at least for the first year.


8. My Fitness Pal This app provides you a database of over 750,000 foods ,350 exercises and allows you go stats-heavy in you bid to lose or gain weight. This means nothing enters or leaves your body  without being lodged. You can even compete with friends measuring your progress against theirs.


7. BBC News  Get your daily  dose of news with live streaming video from BBC News Channel. This app allows you customize your layout and content , so you are shown only the news topics you’re most into.



6. Angry Birds Seasons -This is the most colourful of the Angry Bird games, Seasons updates itself with new levels every few months. So far We have seen the Valentine’s Day, halloween , St. Patricks Day, Christmas and Easter episodes…I wonder whats next.


5. TuneIn Radio The Best internet radio app we’ve used serves up to 50,000 stations in an attractive and user-friendly skin.



4. DropBox One of the most interesting of all the apps, Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service that keeps your files in sync across computers, phones and tablets. With 2GB free space when you sign up DropBox allows you more space when you become a paid subscriber.



3. Photoshop Express Photoshop Express allows you a few quick adjustments that could not only save the mediocre snapshots but the moments you wont want to lose to the armature photographer you met on your trip. This heavily trimmed version of photoshop can add the extra wow factor that saves the day and free 2GB of  online space to store it.



2. Lookout Mobile Security Have you installed a mobile security app that took over your phone and locked you out? this one is different,The free version of lookout Mobile security offers unparalleled security for your phone with anti malware, data backup and missing device locator. The premium version allows you lock and even wipe your phone remotely.



1. Ovi Map-The Google map may be ubiquitous , but the Ovi Map stands out as the best  with a richer user experience, complete offline mapping, turn-by-turn navigation, voice directions and   local content.



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