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Every time the ladies get together; in the salon, hanging out, at home or just plain gisting over the phone..the Conversation inevitably leads to man-talk and one thing that comes up a lot is the cheesy and sometimes ridiculous pick-up moves guys use to hit on us. Let’s just see the three most common ones:


“You’re so beautiful”….”Angel…ati heaven falling”..

This one is classic and has been overused so many times that when any girl does give you the time of the day, it definitely isn’t for your wooing skills. Say a girl is very beautiful or truly(hmmm!) looks like an angel, chances are, she’s heard this line so many times since she was a teenager so it doesn’t even raise her eyebrows and if she’s not in the mood to be bothered, doesn’t already like you or you’re not an Adonis/ Dangote…the chances that you’ll get ignored is 9 out of 10.

The problem: you come off as been too lazy to have something original or she thinks you’re just trying your luck.


UM Solution: My default tip when trying to pick up a girl (um..not literally o), is to strike a random casual conversation instead of hitting the nail straight on the head. If you’re in, say, a supermarket, start asking something about the product she seems to be looking at or join her in complaining about the slow cashier. Now, this takes the focus off her and gives her a chance to access you without feeling put on the that when you’re about can afford to say soemthing sillly like “so can you I give you a call later so we talk more about the types of tea or how to make this cashier faster ?”.. Most girls will find this funny and more likely than not..she’ll say yes even if she has no intention of dating you.. You have the number..the rest is up to you.

Soln 2: If you meet in a place that it’s almost certain you’ll see her regularly(a gym perhaps), have that talk but make her wait for you to ask for her number. Ask for it the next time you see her after making another small talk. Most ladies I know seem to notice a guy who isn’t ‘desperate’ to get our numbers.

You can also choose to compliment her on something other than the obvious (her looks). Compliment her shoes, her nails, look at her trolley.,and go “wow, it’s nice to see a girl who eats so healthy or listens to jimi hendrix”. If you’re into brand name clothes and you notice she has one on, talk about that instead of telling her how angelic her figure is.


The flipside; a girl who looks less than average, doesn’t get hit on often or has low self esteem may not mind this cheesy lines so by all means tell her she looks like mona lisa meets virgin mary! You may not even have to finish the sentence.



Move 2: “Can i get your pin”?

Let’s assume…your first move works and she’s willing to let you contact her…there are few ways to reduce your rating than asking for her BBM pin instead of her phone number. We know it’s modern day and all. I actually get to ping my boyfriend more than we talk but if you’re still asking a girl out (we know you’re in a hurry to creepily start stalking her Dps), just get her number…you’ll get around to taking her pin or she’ll gladly offer it to you in a matter of days after you’ve called her a couple of times.

Why this is bad: 1. She assumes you’re cheap..trying to use pinging to save your credit you’ll otherwise use in calling her.

2. It makes it seem like you want easy access to her. The same girl who’ll curse you out for not callng her 4 times a day or pinging her every hour does not want to feel like you have unrestricted access to her in the early stages..which is what bbm gives you.

3. You want to cover your own probably already have a girlfriend.. she’s the fourth toastee of that day. Now who do you want to dedicate your bbm status to(after all you just told her you feel like God just showed you your can’t still be going on about beer and football the very same day on your status na) You want to play your card right and let her only see you in the most flattering light, nothing like a guy uploading a weird dp or having a suspect status to turn a girl off or put him firmly in the friend zone. That your shirt you’re sure is fly, she may consider razz…Girls are fickle!


The flipside: if in the process of chatting her up, you gather she prefers chatting to talking on the phone, then ask for BOTH her pin and number. Never just her pin. You can also say “So..can I get you phone number or your pin..whichever you prefer or want to brighten up my day with?” now this looks like you’re giving her options which you really aren’t..either ways you get to contact her.


Move number 3 : You Say something you think is funny/cute, she thinks it’s rude or worse; insulting.

E.g “Our babies will look so beautiful!”. (She thinks ‘How cocky of you to assume i’m letting your dick anywhere near me’ or ‘I must look desperate to get married to you’.)

Your sense of humor(or lack of), won’t sit well with every lady…you’re better off getting lines that won’t be offensive to most girls.


Generally, if a girl already likes you or has her eyes on your handsome self or bulging pocket, “Hi” may just be all you need. But in the absence of you been privy to that knowledge, be and urban man and play by the guidelines above.

Tell me which strange pick up moves you’ve used that worked, Brag away in the comment sectin below!

By Lisa


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